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MEC has an academic partnership with Endicott College *

approved by the Maine Department of Education

NEW– Master’s in Administrative Leadership  (M.Ed.) January 2017    
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Benefits of taking courses with MEC
MEC’s courses are  100% online  (with the exception of Student Teaching and Administrative Internship):

  • Pre-approved by the Maine Department of Certification
  • Specifically designed to address certification requirements, salary advancement opportunities, professional development, along with Administrative Masters’ level degree
  • Online and convenient, allowing educators to learn “on the go” or in the comfort of their own homes
  • Accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Designed and taught by highly qualified experienced educators,
  • Flexible, allowing you to focus on your specific educational needs
  • Application based, letting you earn credit for planning, creating, & implementing course material during your school day.
  • Tailored for today’s busy educator
  • Significantly lower tuition than courses at  University and other organizations
  • College accredited


Spring 2017 Courses –

Adult Education
EDPV 592 Adult Literacy
EDPX 546 Career And Vocational Counseling
EDPX 552 Philosophy of Adult Education  

EDPO 518 Federal and Maine Law for Administrators
EDPF 518 Organizational Theory and Planning
EDPF 505 School Finance and Budget
EDPF 513 Supervision and Evaluation
EDPF 529 Community Relations
EDE 530 Critical Issues in Education
EDPA 584 Standards Based Curriculum Development
EDPU 511 Special Education Law for Administrators
EDPV 543 Mass Customized Learning
EA 505 Instructional Leadership (new)

MDOE State Mandated
EDPM 538 Teaching Exceptional Children in the General Ed Classroom

Across the Curriculum
EDPO 512 Assessments that Meet Learning Styles
EDPA 586 Teaching Digital Citizenship
EDPA 516 Educating Gifted/Talented Students/English
EDPV 593 Teaching and Learning with iPad in the classroom

Early Childhood
EDPU 593 Early Childhood Special Education (not offered this semester)
EDPF 566 Science for the Young Child
EDPO 503 Language Development and Early Literacy
EDPF 545 Numeracy for the Young Child
EDPV 574  Infant Toddler Development (not offered this semester)

EDPR 570 Early Childhood Development (not offered this semester)
EDPA 518 Social Studies for the Young Child (not offered this semester)
EDPU 577 Observation & Assessment
EDPU 541 Children’s Literature (not offered this semester)

EDPX 550 Teaching English Grammar for ESL Learners (not offered this semester)

EDPM 559 Children’s Literature
EDPF 547 Elementary Social Studies Methods
EDPF 553 Elementary & Middle School Math Methods
EDPF 564 Elementary Science Methods
EDPF 556 Elementary Reading Methods
EDPR 546 Extending the Chickadee Award
EDPV 593 Teaching and learning with iPad in the classroom

K – 12 “Specials”
EDPR 540 Methods of Teaching Physical Education
EDPR 538 Methods of Teaching Health
EDPR 556 Methods of Teaching Foreign Language
EDPF 511 Health Education Part 1

EDPF 512 Health Education Part 2

Library Media
EDPF 520 Author Connections
EDPO 505 Library Media
EDPR 553 Collection Development & Management (6 CREDITS)

Middle/Secondary School
EDPR 537 Methods of Teaching Middle & Secondary School
English Lang. Arts
EDPR 536 Methods of Teaching Social Studies for Middle and Secondary Teachers
EDPR 555 Methods of Teaching Middle/High School Science

Para Professionals
EDPO 524 Paraprofessionals as Effective Practitioners Part 1
EDPO 525 Paraprofessionals as Effective Practitioners Part 2

Special Education
EDPX 576 Assistive Technology for Students with Disabilities
EDPX 535 Teaching Study Skills for the Special Education Student
EDSN 526 Teaching Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

EDPR 596 Web Resources for Learning (and Sharing Together -An Introduction to Google Docs, Google Earth, and Wikispaces)
EDPX 571  Multimedia – Empowering Students (having fun with media tools)
EDPM 583 Digital Information for K-12 Educators Part 1
EDPM 593 Digital Information for K-12 Educators Part 2
EDPV 518 Methods of Teaching Computer Technology
EDPR 597 Thematic Units
EDPV 593 Teaching and learning with iPad in the classroom
EDPM 592 Digital Storytelling with iMovie
EDPR 584 Discovering Online Tools for the Classroom


Please note- Courses may be taken for 4.5 CEU’s instead of college credits – contact director if interested (prior to registering)director@maineeducator.com

*More information on Endicott College and MEC’s partnership coming soon.