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What do you want to do in your classroom or school this year?  We have a class for that!   Extending the Chickadee Award is designed with you in mind.

What is the Chickadee Award?

           The Chickadee Award is Maine’s only children choice awarded to children’s picture books.  Students actually cast their vote from a pre-selected list of picture books that they have been exposed to either in their classroom or library.  Carolyn Hall, founder of the Chickadee Award and instructor of the course states, “It is a really big deal to have children vote for their favorite book–very different from adults always naming award winners in children’s literature.  Children are empowered to think about what they like–and don’t like–about books, and their opinions are heard and valued.”

Administrators, teachers and librarians can use these books to introduce reading strategies, complement units of study,  model the tools necessary to become informed voters,  or develop a community of readers throughout a school–the possibilities are amazing.  Does the thought of such a project excite you, but stop you in your tracks at the same time?

Course EDPR 546; Extending the Chickadee Award

           Not just for librarians, the course is designed to assist you with your goals of integrating the Chickadee Award books into your plans, curriculum, or special occasions.  From designing a school wide ‘voting’ day, to classroom read-alouds, or high school-preschool reading buddies, the course will guide you from the idea stage to the implementation stage with success.  “It is truly about what each participant wants to do, and I use my background and experience to encourage and support and help with their ideas,” Carolyn shares.

A Bit More about Carolyn Hall

           Carolyn is not only the founder of the Chickadee Award, she has over 30 years experience in education.  Her expertise as an educator coupled with her passion for the Chickadee books makes for a dynamic combination as she works with each individual student to successfully implement their Chickadee Award plans.  Carolyn is enthusiastic about helping each student regardless of his or her goals, “I can help those interested in the Chickadee Award to find simple ways to get started or those who want to stretch to another level.”  She modestly states that she knows ‘a bit’ about organizing school-wide activities and that “The course isn’t about me and what I’ve done at all.  It is truly about what each participant wants to do, and I use my background and experience to encourage and support and help with their ideas.”


Course registration closes September 17th for this class, so register before it is too late.  For more information contact us at

by Susan Joakim


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