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All courses are ON-LINE  and are awarded 3 college graduate level credits (unless stated otherwise)


EDPO 512 Assessments that Meet Learning Styles

September 21 – October 26|  Registration Closes  September 14, 2015
Have you ever wanted to engage your students in the learning process? How about providing them with assessments that meet their learning needs? Assessments that Meet Learning Styles is designed to explore alternative ways for students to show mastery of content specific standards. In this course, students will explore different learning styles inventories, which will be used to create alternative assessments for all learning types within our current units. Come join us and explore student voice

Required Text: How to Assess Authentic Learning by Kathleen (Kay) B.(Author) ; Burke, ISBN-13: 9781412962797



EDPA 586 Teaching Digital Citizenship

September 21 – November 15 | Registration Closes September 14, 2015
This course in digital citizenship is designed for classroom teachers, school counselors, technology instructors, administrators, and librarians who are interested in learning how to teach young people how to survive and safely navigate the interconnected digital world in which we live. It is divided into three major strands: Safety Security, Connected Culture, and Cyberbullying.

This course relies heavily on the Common Sense Media website which provides rich instructional materials, but will take you beyond in learning how to integrate the materials into your classroom curriculum.

“Digital media and technology are evolving at a dizzying pace, bringing with them extraordinary opportunities as well as real risks for young people. Young people are using the immense power of the Internet and mobile technologies to explore, connect, create, and learn in ways never before imagined. But issues that emerge with this 24/7 “connected culture” – from identity theft, to cyber-bullying, to uncertainty about which information to trust online – are surfacing both in schools and at home.” Common Sense Media

Required Text: None



EDPA 516 Educating Gifted/Talented Students – Eng/Lang Arts

November 16 – December 18  | Registration closes November 9, 2015
The Educating Gifted/Talented students – ELA course includes creating units that ask students to develop strong personalities for their main characters while writing mysteries, the  study of Freud’s psychoanalytic theory and analysis of a classic novel using what they’ve learned, focus on writing from a specific point of view, and teach appreciation for poetry by studying famous poets.

Required Text: Challenging Units for Gifted Learners: Teachi… (Paperback) by Kenneth J. Smith ISBN-10: 1593634218



EDPV 593  Teaching and Learning with iPads

September 21 – November 15 | Registration Closes September 14, 2015
This course is designed for teachers who are interested in using the iPad in their classroom to improve student learning. It is designed to help teachers who have never used an iPad before as well as those who have. The goal of this course is to help you become a skilled teacher who can plan, teach, assess, and reflect using this innovative technology. Connections to the Common Core State Standards, Lesson plans that effectively teach literacy and content through the use of technology, and Strategies for managing technology use in the classroom will be covered;’”

Required Text:  From Notepad to iPad : Using Apps and Web Tools to Engage a New Generation of Students  ISBN-10: 0415732069


EDPR 532 Response to Intervention (RTI)

Not being offered this semester
This course provides training in working collaboratively rather than in isolation, to create a systematic response to learning problems.  Participants will learn how to create their own three-tier pyramid response to intervention to close the gaps in student learning and resolve behavioral problems, as well as gain knowledge and skills for using the Response to Intervention model effectively when implemented by a professional learning community. Participants will discuss the boundaries between regular and special educators while creating a unified learning plan that serves all students. Participants will learn how PLC’s, with a focus on learning and results in a collaborative culture, fits well with the RTI model. Characteristics of effective interventions and the importance of building a strong core curriculum will be discussed using scientifically-validated intervention and assessment methods for three distinct instructional levels. Through readings, discussion, and practice graduate students will develop the skills necessary to design, implement, and evaluate comprehensive RTI programs in school settings. This course is appropriate for general and special educators, school-based specialists (e.g., school psychologists, speech/language clinicians, and math/reading specialists) as well as other professionals interested in scientifically-based methods of learning outcomes for all children. Approved by MDOE for Maine 282 “Teacher of Disabled Students” -both initial and re-certification as well as re-certification for regular classroom endorsement

Required Text: Buffam, Austin; Mattos, Mike ; Weber,Chris,(2009), Pyramid Response to Intervention RTI, Professional Learning Communities, and How to Respond When Kids Don’t Learn, Solution Tree



EDCM 525 Introduction to Communication

Not offered this semester

This course equips students to develop a greater understanding of communication, personal communication style, and interpersonal communication.  Students will learn the challenges of communicating, and ways to improve communication and personal relationships. Students will evaluate their own communication skills, and reflect on current communication practices and etiquette in social communication forums.

Required Text: Engleberg, I. &. (2008). The Challenge of Communicating; Guiding principles and practices. Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc.




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