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A little nervous about taking an online course?

A little nervous about taking an online course? Check out our new six minute video demo that walks you through 
step-by-step how to register for a course, participate in group discussions, instructions and assignments, and how to pass in your work. This demo has been designed to give teachers and school administrators an opportunity to explore MEC’s online courses to experience how they
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2013 COURSE SUMMER SCHEDULE for Maine Educators

Gearing Up For Summer Summer is a fantastic time for brushing up on skills, learning new tools, and making new connections. MEC offers a variety of dynamic courses that can help you improve your skills and meet State of Maine certification regulations, and increase your salary potential, while at the same time enjoying your summer vacation. Curious to learn more? Explore our website to
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Chicadee Award Course

  What do you want to do in your classroom or school this year?  We have a class for that!   Extending the Chickadee Award is designed with you in mind. What is the Chickadee Award?            The Chickadee Award is Maine’s only children choice awarded to children’s picture books.  Students actually cast their vote from a pre-selected list of picture books that they have
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Flipping: The New Educational Buzz Word

by Susan Joakim No, you won’t be asked to do cartwheels, or turn desks upside down, but if you are asked to flip your classroom, you will need to flip your thinking. According to Crystal Kirch, creator of What is the Flipped Classroom?, a flipped classroom is “A classroom that uses videos/podcasts as instructional tools to help time-shift the instruction of concepts so students
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COURSES ARE  NOW OPEN  FOR REGISTRATION! For your convenience, all of our courses are conducted ONLINE. Our courses have been approved by the Maine Department of Education for certification purposes. Please note, some course have also been approved for initial certification, all courses have been approved for re-certification. COURSE CREDITS – Each course is offered as a 3 graduate level credits (unless stated otherwise). CLICK HERE TO REGISTER:
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Check it out! New Courses New Web Design

Check our out new website- new colors, new designs and lots of  new courses! Registrations will be closing on: June 12, 2012  EDPR 593 Digital Storytelling with IMovie June 18, 2012  EDPF 564 Elementary Science Methods June 18, 2012  EDPR 538 Methods of Teaching Health June 18, 2012  EDPR 555 Methods of Teaching Middle & High School Science   June 19, 2012   EDPR
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Maine DOE launches a new plan

“Education Evolving: Maine’s Plan for Putting Learners First” is an educational plan that includes 5 major areas of concentration.  Under each area are goals and objectives that read like an IEP. Strategies are listed followed by an action steps and a date of completion.  I gives a clear picture of the proposed future of Maine education with a clear emphasis on teacher support and learner success.  The
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Holiday Holidaze

Even if this is your first year teaching, the holidaze that shrouds your classroom is likely to be in full effect.  Students appear in a daze, dreaming about those gifts and wondering if Santa will deliver all those cherished items on their list.  Other students, who already struggle with staying in their seats, look like that Christmas Jack-in-the-Box you played with as a child. 
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Reading: The Parent Factor

As a teacher, you only have so much time in the day to teach your students to read.  Some are terrific readers and get bored with the curriculum while others are receiving RTI interventions or may be gone for the entire reading lesson to receive specialized instruction.  Or you may not teach reading, but struggle with helping students in your classes because they cannot
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