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IMPORTANT:   Please read our general registration information page about tuition, payment and cancellation policy?   You can view it here

Tuition for each 3 credit course is $875   – no additional charges (students are responsible for texts) Please contact director for pricing on our 6 credit course tuition.

Registration is now open for our 2014 SUMMER Session. Space is limited, so please register early! For your convenience all of our courses are ONLINE. Please read carefully our instructions below to register for your selected course. As always, you can contact our director if you have any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: if registering for CEU’s instead of college credit, please contact the director






EDPM 538 Teaching Exceptional Children in the General Education Classroom
EDPO 518 Federal and Maine School Law for Administrators
EDPF 518 Organizational Theory and Planning
EDPF 505 School Finance and Budget
EDPF 513 Supervision & Evaluation
EDPF  529 Community Relations
EDE 530 Critical Issues in Education
EDPU 511  Special Education Law
EDPA 584 Standards Based Curriculum Development
EDPO 512 Assessments that Meet Learning Styles
EDCM 525 Introduction to Communication

EDPA 586

Common Core Math Standards and Integration (may not be used for Initial Cert) not offered summer semester
EDPA 586 The Teaching of Digital Citizenship
EDPA 516 Educating Gifted/Talent Students- LA
EDPU 593 Early Childhood Special Education
EDPO 503 Language Development and Early Literacy
EDPF 545 Numeracy for the Young Child
EDPF 566 Science for the Young Child  
EDPR 570 Early Childhood Development
EDPU 577  Observation and Assessment of Young Children
EDPU 541 EDPU 541 Children’s Literature (ages birth- 8 yo)
EDPA 518 Social Studies for the Young Child
EDPF 553 Elem & Middle School Math Methods
EDPM 559 Children’s Literature (elementary)
EDPF 547 Elementary Social Studies Methods
EDPF 564 Elementary Science Methods
EDPR 556 Elementary Reading Methods
EDPS 598 Common Core Math Standards – Integration & Implementation (for re-certification purposes only)
EDPR 546 Extending the Chickadee Award
EDPR 540 Methods of Teaching Physical Education
EDPR 556 Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language
EDPR 538 Methods of Teaching Health
EDPF 511 Health Education Part 1
EDPF 512 Health Education Part 2
EDPE 599 Project Based Learning for Health Ed not offered summer semester
EDPF 520 Author Connections
EDPO 505 Library Media
 EDPA 589 Technology for the School Librarian Part 1
EDPR 553 Collection Develop & Management -Library Science (6 credits)
EDPR 536 Methods of Teaching Social Studies for Middle and Secondary Teachers
EDPR 555 Methods of Teaching Middle & High School Science
EDPS 598  Common Core Math Standards – Integration & Implementation(for re-certification purposes only)
EDPR 537 Methods of Teaching Middle & Secondary school English Language Arts
EDPO 524 Paraprofessionals as Effective Practitioners PART 1
EDPO 525  Paraprofessionals as Effective Practitioners  PART 2
EDPR 596 Web Resources for Learning
EDPM 583  PART 1 Digital Information for K–12 Educators (Making the most of your Macbook)
EDPM 593 PART 2 Digital Information for K–12 Educators (Making the most of your Macbook)
EDPR 592 Digital Storytelling with IMovie
EDPR 597 Thematic Units
EDPV 518  Methods of Teaching Computer Technology
EDPF 582  Using Blogs and Wikis in the Classroom
EDPR 582 Technology in Maine’s 7-12 Classrooms- Applications and Integration
EDPR 584 Discovering and Utilizing Online Tools in the Classroom


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