Studies show that collaboration improves overall effectiveness in increasing students’ reading comprehension.  Moreillon, a veteran teacher-librarian, updates Collaborative Strategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension to draw on cutting-edge research in instructional strategies, offering a clear, rigorous roadmap for teaching reading comprehension in a proven Librarian/ Classroom teacher collaborative process.

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Elementary Co-teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies in Elementary School Libraries: Maximizing Your Impact. Judi Moreillon. American Library Association, 2013. ISBN: 978-0-8389-1180-8 PB or ISBN 978-0-8389-9492-4 PDF

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High School Level
Co-teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies in Secondary School Libraries: Maximizing Your Impact Illustrated Edition Judi Moreillon
ISBN-13: 978-0838910887
ISBN-10: 0838910882