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This course is for classroom teachers (K-12, ESL, EFL). This course teaches the most common ELL grammar points in an accessible way through real ELL errors with suggested teaching techniques and relevant grammar terminology. The four objectives of the course are to help teachers: (1) identify common ELL grammar points and understand the details associated with each one; (2) improve their ability to answer any grammar question on the spot (when on the “hot seat”); (3) anticipate common ELL errors by grammar point, by first language, and by proficiency level; and (4) develop more effective grammar/language learning lessons.   The presentation of each of the 15 keys (grammar points) features information on typical ELL errors, an accessible grammar explanation including examples of mistakes, a native language interference chart, and ideas for teaching the grammar point.

Required Text: “Keys to Teaching Grammar to English Language Learners: A Practical Handbook (Michigan Teacher Training) Paperback – January 5, 2009 by Keith S. Folse  (Author)
ISBN-10: 0472032208 and ISBN-13: 9780472032204