EA 515 Public School Operational and Financial Strategies

  • ID: 2256

This course is designed to help students ‘think strategically’ about public school finances and operations. Students will explore the sources of revenue, financial decision-making and the management and accounting practices utilized in public organizations. Students will acquire financial tools ….

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EA 507 Cultural Diversity

  • ID: 2048

This course examines how diversity, in its many forms, presents major challenges and opportunities in our schools, workplace, and in the larger society.  It focuses on competencies in the form of awareness, understanding and skills that maximize resources and empower individuals and groups with a wide variety of interests, talents, and cultural backgrounds. 

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EA 574 Internship- Administration Leadership

  • ID: 1395

The reflective seminar course is designed to support students while assuming the role of a school administrator. This seminar offers field-based experiences and joint supervision of a school administrator.

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EA 555 Using Data to Improve Curriculum and Instruction

  • ID: 1393

This course focuses on the use of data to improve curriculum, instruction, and learning. It explores best practices in assessment strategies, data collection techniques and data analysis methods designed to inform decision making in schools

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EA 500 School Leadership

  • ID: 1392

School Leadership prepares educators to build and maintain a professional learning community. Students will become familiar with research on adult learners and the role of the school leader in promoting excellence in teaching and learning.

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EA 572 Seminar – Administration Leadership

  • ID: 1390

Seminar – Administration Leadership is a reflective course which is designed to support students while assuming the role of a school administrator. This seminar addresses the many issues that will be faced during the Internship field-based experienc

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EA 563 Supervision and Evaluation

  • ID: 1389

Supervision and Evaluation addresses the role of induction, mentoring, supervision, evaluation, and professional development in teacher effectiveness and the alignment of those elements of profession growth with student achievement.

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EA 565 Facilities Management

  • ID: 1386

This course provides an in-depth examination of the key roles and functions of facilities planning and management from the vantage point of a school district’s central office and local school.

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EA 535 Strategic Management and Design

  • ID: 1385

Strategic Management and Design is designed to address the critical role of developing and sustaining a professional school culture that promotes success for all students through reflective practice, high expectations of all stakeholders, and continuous learning for all staff.

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EA 530 Family and Community Engagement

  • ID: 1384

Family and Community Engagement explores and analyzes the school leader’s role in organizing, implementing, and evaluating family and community engagement.

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