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Library Contact Information
Circulation Desk: (978) 232-2279(on campus 2279)
Reference Desk: (978) 232-2268
(on campus 2268)
Fax: 978-232-2700
Email: end@noblenet.org

Services & Policies

The Halle Library is pleased to offer a variety of services to the Endicott College community, including circulation of materials, reference services, course reserves, and interlibrary loan services. Detailed explanations of these services and related policies may be explored throughout these pages.

Lending Policy

A valid Endicott College ID is needed to borrow materials from the Halle Library. Students enrolled in MEC/Endicott courses will receive an Endicott email account and Student ID #.   Registered patrons may also borrow materials from over 28 other academic and public libraries in the North of Boston Library Exchange (NOBLE), and have access to materials at libraries throughout the state of Massachusetts via the Commonwealth Catalog.

Students and faculty must be registered and have a library barcode to borrow books and other circulating materials. Books may be checked out by students for two weeks and by faculty for four weeks, and may be renewed if there is no outstanding request. Books may be renewed in person or online. To log in to your account online, your Halle Library barcode number will act as your username, and your six-digit ID number will act as your password. You may change your password upon logging in to your account. If you are unable to log in, please stop by or call the circulation desk at 978-232-2279.

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Patrons from other NOBLE libraries may borrow materials at Halle Library upon presentation of their current valid college ID or public library card. Residents of Massachusetts with a valid barcoded public library card may also borrow materials after we register them in our computer database as community borrowers.

Media Collection items may be checked out for one week.

Fines are charged for overdue materials. The fine for general collection materials is $.05 per day up to a maximum of $2.00. Students must keep fine balances under $1.00 in order to continue borrowing.


Course Reserves

Halle Library offers course reserve services to Endicott College faculty. These materials are loaned to students for a set period of time as specified by the faculty member (1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 24 hours, 1 week, or 2 weeks). For reserve related questions, please contact Kristyl Roderiques, Coordinator of Library User Services, at 978-232-2276 (on-campus x2276) or kroderiq@endicott.edu. Materials placed on reserve are located at the Circulation Desk, organized by the professor’s name and course number. To see what items are on reserve by professor or course, use the Endicott Reserves System.

Books owned by Halle Library
Books owned by Halle Library may be placed on reserve by submitting a Book Reserve Request form to the Coordinator of Library User Services. The title, author, and call number of the item should be included on the form. If the materials are not available, the faculty member will be notified as soon as possible. If the instructor would like the library to purchase an item to be placed on reserve, then they should contact the Coordinator of Library User Services at least six weeks before the materials are needed on reserve. At the end of each semester, all books will be removed from reserve and returned to the regular shelves, unless otherwise requested by the faculty member.

Faculty owned books
Faculty members do have the option of placing their personal copies of books or periodicals on reserve. To place a copy on reserve, please complete a Book Reserve Request form, and drop it off at the library circulation desk with the item. As reserve items are often used frequently, and by many students, please be aware that some wear and tear may occur. The Halle Library is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal items placed on reserve. At the end of the semester, the faculty member must pick up their items from the Coordinator of Library User Services.

Books owned by other libraries
We regret that we are unable to place items owned by other libraries on reserve for any reason.

Copies of Student Work
Any photocopies of student work requested for reserve (including senior theses) must be accompanied by a Copyright Permission Form signed by the author. Any student work received without the appropriate permission will be returned to the faculty member.

The Halle Library is committed to remaining in compliance with Copyright Law. Therefore, restrictions do apply when placing a photocopied article or book chapter on reserve.
One photocopy of a chapter from a book may be placed on reserve for one semester only. Only one chapter from a single book may be photocopied and placed on reserve.
One photocopy of a single article from a single journal not in a Diane M. Halle Library licensed database may also be placed on reserve for one semester only.

If the item is needed for multiple semesters:
The faculty member may submit a request for the item to be purchased or
The faculty member may purchase the book on their own, and place their personal copy on reserve or
The faculty member may create a licensed course reader pack, and provide it to the library for reserve or
The faculty member may obtain copyright permission. If the faculty member is granted copyright permission, the Diane M. Halle Library must have a copy of the permission notice on file

The library staff will not make photocopies to place on reserve. Faculty requesting to place a photocopy on reserve must provide the Coordinator of Library User Services with the physical copy to be used. Additionally, if an article is readily available in one of the library’s databases, it should not be submitted for course reserve. Rather, students should be directed to the database where the article may be found. Requests to place a photocopy on course reserve must be accompanied by a signed Photocopy Request Form.

The copyright law of the United States (title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction.
One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be “used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.” If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of “fair use,” that user may be liable for copyright infringement. This institution reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law.

Course reserve materials are processed in the order that they are received. Due to the volume of items received, please allow up to 3 business days for processing. To ensure that items are available for students when the syllabus dictates, faculty members are asked to keep these timelines in mind. Please be aware that you must be a registered library patron of the Halle Library in order to place materials on reserve. If you are not registered, or are unsure whether or not you are registered, please contact the library circulation desk.

Halle Library Interlibrary Loans
Patrons may request books and articles from other libraries through interlibrary loan.   For Interlibrary request form please visit http://www.endicott.edu/Diane-Halle-Library/Services-Policies/Inter-Library-Loans.aspx

The North of Boston Library Exchange
Circulating books located at NOBLE libraries may be requested through interlibrary loan; normally with a rapid delivery time of 1-4 days, depending on the availability of the item. To order an item from another NOBLE library, please check the NOBLE Book Catalog, and search “Entire Collection”. Click “Place Hold” and log in using your library barcode number and password. Your Endicott ID number is your password to log in to your NOBLE account, and may be changed once you have logged in. If you have trouble logging in to your account, please contact the Circulation Desk at 978-232-2279.

Commonwealth Catalog and Beyond
Patrons may also order books online through the Commonwealth Catalog, using their library barcode number, found at the bottom of their Gull Card. The library can also obtain books and articles from other libraries throughout the country. If your item cannot be located through the NOBLE Book Catalog or the Commonwealth Catalog, please request the item. The time required for loans from outside of NOBLE is less predictable and depends on its availability and the loaning library. Students are encouraged to plan accordingly when depending on interlibrary loans for research papers.

Can’t find your article full-text?
Please check Journal Titles (type the journal name in the right hand box.). If the article is not available in full text through one of our databases, please enter the information below in order to send your request via e-mail to the Halle Library Reference Librarians.

Call the Reference Desk at 978-232-2268 or email a librarian.

Halle Library Reference Services

Reference Services can provide answers to specific questions; advise and help with bibliographic sources, and consult about long term projects such as Senior Thesis.

Please visit our LibGuides site for helpful tutorials created by our librarians.

Reference librarians will help you learn how to locate information whether in print or electronic formats. Librarians teach database searching concepts that can be applied to all internet resources.

Faculty can request a class visit from a librarian by completing this form.

Our goal is to work with as many students as possible – via classroom instruction and individual consultations – to foster increasing awareness of and proficiency with information literacy best practice, as defined by the Association of College & Research Libraries.